Historical painter  F C LUND:


Third issue - 1915

Adapted by the figurative painter  Luplau Janssen

This web-edition is presented by: Frits Lilbæk

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The Danish civil war 1848-1850 was one of the results from the national movements, that arose all over Europe after the Napoleonic wars. The battlefields was in Slesvig-Holsten, where the german-speaking part of the people had Prussian sympathies.

The painter Frederik Christian Lund (1826-1901) took part in the battles as a volunteer. He used his sketch book everywhere - interested as he was in the peasants and their sunday-clothes dating to the first half of the century.

After the war - and supported by the government - he was urged to travel to the rest of the kingdom to complete his sketches. Afterwards he issued a set of 31 color-lithographic sheets in 1864.

The original watercolors was sold to a Swedish collection and soon his first issue was sold out. A reprint was made from the original lithographic stones in 1890. Later, just before World War I, a second reprint was wanted, but not immediate possible, because the original stones had disappeared.

The third issue was then based on a re-painting of the images - again intended for color-lithographic printing. The figurative painter Luplau Janssen did the work with allowance to correct defects and errors, but in a way still granting the original intentions.


The size of the lithographic images is 17.9 * 26.1 cm - approx. 7 * 10.3 inch.

Literature in English:
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  • Ellen Andersen: Danish Folk Costumes
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