Allers 1905
Swedish national costumes
From left: Ölandscostume - Blekingscostume - Lappcostume - Värendscostume - Gagnefscostume(couple) - Leksandscostume(child) - Skedevicostume - Leksandscostume - Vingåkerscostume - Häfveröcostume(child) - Rättvikscostume - Österåkerscostume(couple) - Delsbocostume
After: Reproduktion av affisch, Allers 1905

Look at the Gagnef-girls odd-looking head-piece: Gagnef Obviously, the model were not explained how to put it on. It's a cap that is turned around: What should have been forward is turned down into the neck. Yet exactly this Aller-image from 1905 has become the school - today the headpiece for the Swedish Gagnef-costume has to be turned upside down!

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