Silver Shoebuckles

25 years ago you could read in the newspaper, that the local folkdancers association in Lillerød - Denmark received an old pair of silver shoebuckles as a gift from an old citizen.

The buckles are close to 200 years old. They were given under the obligation that they should never be given away or sold.

The story behind tells, that an ancestor to the giver was a coachman at the royal castle of Jægerspris and that he received the buckles as an appreciation from the king - which must have been Frederik VII, who used the castle as summer residence.



On the back of the buckles are engraved:  P K C D  


In 1993 the buckles were "under treatment" by goldsmith Helle Vienberg, who made a close examination - to be able to make a copy.

Helle, who as a child received folkdance-lessons in the Lillerød-association, made a couple of interesting observations: The buckles are moulded and have been repaired and changed, which is quite evident when looking at the back. Comparing the photograph with Helle's drawing, you might discover an evidential difference . . .

The drawing shows the original look of the buckle - the split pin has that direction split pins must have to be used at shoes. Originally there has been a cover too, as there are remnants from a hinge on the upper side.

The result is shown below - a buckle made in 1998 as a copy of the old one - no cover version.


Vibeke and Frits Lilbæk   
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