Queen Margrethe II in Rømø Costume

Let us have a look:

Queen Margrethe II with consort Henrik, Prince of Denmark. At the Royal Wedding in Frederiksborg Castle Church, november 1995.

The Danish Folk Dancers National Association recently presented Queen Margrethe with a Danish folk costume. She wanted a costume originating from the small island Rømø.

The present was given at the 10th of june 1996. Look to the left and se:

The Queen in her new Rømø-costume. The picture is from the day, she received the costume.

Now take a look to the right -

Part of the present to the Queen:
A pair of garters.

Finally a small detail:

Embrodery with mono-
gram on the shift.
The letters means
Margrethe Frederik's Daughter.

The 9th of July Her Royal Higness attended the grand opening of the National Folk Dance Festival 1996.

It was the event, where Queen Margrethe II wore her Rømø-dress for the first time in public.

Years ago Queen Margrethe II received costumes from the Faroe Islands and from Greenland as presents.


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Frits Lilbæk